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Can you escape Titan station? No Escape is a fast-paced, strategic maze-building tile game. Use actions against each other, Play Maze tiles to increase the maze for your opponents, and move using a creative dice system. Easy setup and take-down time makes it an ideal game for travel or family events. Be the first to find the escape pod. For everyone else, there is No Escape.

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Your initial briefing told you about one emergency pod somewhere in these maintenance corridors. Find it before somebody else does. One of you can make it out, for everyone else, there is No Escape!



  • 2 Starting Boards (double sided) the size of 9 game tiles
  • 42 Action Tiles, which have various effects on the gameplay
  • 90 Maze Tiles, which extend the size of the maze
  • 12 New Path Tiles, a third the size of other tiles
  • 8 Meeples (Player Pieces)
  • 8 Player Reference Cards
  • 24 Energy Tokens
  • 2 Six-sided Dice, numbered 1-3 


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Customer Reviews

"I recently bought No Escape from OOMM Games and have to say it is one of the best games I have bought in a long time.  The rules are short and easy to understand.  Game play is very intuitive.  We (me, my wife, and adult son) were able to read the rules and begin play within about 15 minutes.  Unlike most other games we’ve played, we did not need to regularly go back to the rules to make sure we were playing correctly, it was that easy.  And math skills are not needed for determining a winner.  And have I mentioned that compared to most games out there, it’s really inexpensive?

Gameplay was a lot of fun for everyone involved.  We played through the first game in about 20 minutes and were all immediately ready for a rematch.  In our first playing session we played three games.  All of the finishes were close, everyone was within a turn or two of being able to win.  We also had 2 out of 3 players win a game the first time out.

We found the strategy for the game to be very nuanced.  Unlike a lot of games where you play to win, a big part of your strategy in No Escape is to prevent your opponents from winning and try to position yourself to win (usually by flying under the radar).  Gameplay is very fluid and the situation will change throughout the game.  The action cards really change up gameplay as the game progresses, from changing the map/tile layout to preventing opponent moves to adding player moves.  Tile play also changes things up.  What may look like an easy route to victory can change quickly.  It’s easy to learn the rules; learning the best strategy to win is not as easy as no two games are the same. I’ve always believed that a great game is one where after the game is over, everyone is discussing what happened, where things changed, what they could have done differently, etc.  No Escape hit this benchmark easily.  

Even with the nuances of the game, I can see this game being fun for the kids in the family; I can see preteens able to handle the rules and figure out their own strategies and play fairly competitively.  And teenagers will probably get a great deal of perverse pleasure from blocking parents, other adults, siblings, peers and anyone else playing from winning.

OOMM Games has really done well with No Escape.  In researching the game prior to buying it I was impressed with the responsiveness of the OOMM staff in answering questions about the game and gameplay.  We’re looking forward to bringing this out during the holidays when we can introduce friends and family to the game and play some larger games.  I’ve already recommended to several friends at work and cannot say enough good things about the game.  And we’re already looking forward to getting the No Salvation expansion to No Escape." - Doug Albers


"I backed this in Kickstarter, and am glad I did. Its fairly simple to learn with lots or re-play ability. Best way I can think to describe it would be like tsuro but backwards and more competitive, you put the tiles on the other players path and you want to leave the board to win. We played several times. My wife loves it and we've even played with a smart 7year old that loved it. So fun for all ages."


"Just picked this game up today and we love it. Plays great with 4 people and my 6 1/2 year old played it easily and only needed help reading some of the cards. It says 13+ on the box but I think that only is because it’s kind of a horror theme. Extremely easy to learn which is great for causal gamers but there is a lot of strategy in it as well for more serious gamers. This will be played regular with my kids and wife"


"This game is pretty quick to learn and turns are fast. I'd be happy to play this anytime. There's enough tiles and dice chucking to keep replayability pretty high. First one out wins. If you're not a fan of games with high randomness this won't be for you. For some quick family fun, it works for us."


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