What’s new in the next printing of Last One Standing?

The rules have been edited to make game-play even faster! Here is a sample of those rules:

During each turn you will choose and perform 2 of the following actions: 

  • Move - move up the the number of spaces your weight allows.
  • Shoot - attack with one of your weapons.
    • You may not Move and Shoot a Heavy Weapon on the same turn.
  • Use Item - Use any single use item from your hand.
  • Reload & Rearrange - Flip over and rearrange the cards you have equipped. 

Many people felt that you should receive a large amount of damage instead of instant death when you are caught in an explosion. We agree. Now players take 5 damage when caught in the explosion, allowing you be more strategic in how you play the game! 

And speaking of explosions, the players themselves have more control over when the explosions happen. Every loot crate you grab counts up towards the next island explosion!


Second edition rules can be downloaded here, While rules to play your First edition copy as Second edition can be found here!

Last One Standing 2nd Edition is available now!

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